At Ballingly Joinery, fire doors are one of our main areas of expertise

We have both the experience and resources to produce a wide range of doors to architectural designs and joinery options to meet your requirements.

We also provide standard and off-standard doors, non-rated and fire-rated solid core flush doors, non rated and fire rated hardwood and softwood screens, glazed doors and frames with specialist glazing options to suit all types of door configurations.

Fire Doors & Sets

Fire Doors

We manufacture the comprehensive range of fire doors in a wide selection of styles, wood finishes and configurations certified to BS 476, Part 22 and EN 1634-1.

  • 30 minute rating

  • 60 minute rating

  • 90 minute rating

  • 120 minute rating

Particle Board Flush Doors

  • Manufactured to customers specification.

  • Fire rated and non-fired rated.

  • Veneer, painted, laminated and PVC finish.

  • Vision panels to customers’ requirements.

Panelled Doors

  • Manufactured to customers specification.

  • Painted & veneered grade.

  • Match existing/period design.

Laminated and PVC Doors

Regularly specified for use in public buildings and in particular the healthcare sector due to hygienic properties as the partical board is covered with Laminate or PVC coating.

Acrovyn (PVC) Postformed Encapsulated Doors – best known for its resilient properties – available in a wide range of colours.

Acoustic Doors

To ensure that living and working conditions are acceptable from a noise level viewpoint, acoustic rating in door construction plays a vital role.

The decibel scale (dB) is the unit used to measure the intensity of sound. We can produce door-sets up to 42dB ratings by choosing specific door cores and seals.


The option to glaze apertures are wide and varied. Today glazing to apertures is all factory fitted.

Glazing is fitted to customers specification regarding fire (Insulated and non-insulated), acoustics and safety.

There is also an option to use integrated blinds and manifestation if required.

Lead Lined Doors

Lead Lined X-Ray Door Sets.

The appropriate lead thickness is specified by the Radiation Advisor using the British standard code number (e.g. BS Code 5 and Code 6).

Lead lined doors are available in non-rated & FD30 fire rating.

Leadlined door sets incorporate lead sheeting in a range of thicknesses and this protection extends through the door frame, forming an effective barrier to radiation in all directions. Door Types BS Code Lead (Thickness).

  • Code 3 – 1.25mm

  • Code 4 – 1.80mm

  • Code 5 – 2.25mm

Pre-Hung Door Sets

All our door-sets are available for supply with a pre-hung option if required.

The pre-hung option is cost effective and allows onsite installation to be simplified and minimises the risk of being damaged before fitting.

It also ensures consistency in quality and standard of workmanship of the door sets.

Architectural Ironmongery
We can source architectural ironmongery to meet the requirements of the design team on any project. Alternatively we are willing to deal direct with the nominated ironmongery supplier to ensure the smooth running of the project.


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